Agreement, the offer and the rules of the system

Detailed rules Crypto Farmer

The contract, offer and rules Detailed rules of Crypto Farmer General provisions

This User Agreement (the "Agreement") governs the procedure and conditions for the provision of services by the site, hereinafter referred to as the "Organizer", and is addressed to an individual who wishes to receive the services of the specified site (the "User").

  • 1.1 Before starting using the service, the User should fully and unconditionally agree to all the terms and conditions of the Agreement. If you disagree with any provision of the Agreement, the Organizer offers to refuse using the services.

  • 1.2. Both the Organizer and the User acknowledge the form and procedure of concluding the present Agreement equivalent to the Agreement concluded in a writing form.

Terms and Definitions

  • Game is an activity aiming at the satisfaction of human needs in entertainment, pleasure, stress relief, as well as development of specific skills and abilities in the form of free self-expression, not related to the achievement of any utilitarian goals and delivering joy by themselves. Playground is a complex of software and hardware located in the Internet and aimed at providing entertainment and leisure activities. .

  • Crypto Farmer Game is an economic online game “Virtual Mining”, a unique and separate name of the Playground owned by the Organizer and located in the Internet at the address, where the Organizer provides the User with entertainment and leisure activities under terms and conditions stated in this Agreement. Game equipment is a conditional game unit necessary to participate in the Game, called "Harvest", stored and registered on the User’s electronic account in the account database of the Playground Crypto Farmer.

  • Game Account is a virtual account of the User, provided by the Organizer to each participant to account game equipment.

Terms of agreement

  • 3.1. The subject of the Agreement is the provision of recreation and leisure activities in the game Crypto Farmer by the Organizer to its Users under terms and conditions of the present Agreement. Under such services, in particular, the following are understood: services for buying and selling game equipment, keeping records of significant information: movements in the game account, ensuring identification and security for participants, developing of software integrated into the Playground and external applications, information and other services contributing to the organization of the game and servicing the User during the gaming process on the Organizer’s Playground.

  • 3.2. The game as a whole, as well as any element or an external game app are intended solely for entertainment. The User acknowledges that all the types of gaming activities on the Playground are considered by him/her as an entertainment. The User agrees that depending on the characteristics of his/her account varies the level of his participating in the Game. The User understands that all the objects in the Game are virtual and have no relation to cloud mining, as well as the equipment that has no relation to Prof-of-Work mining.

  • 3.3. The User agrees that he/she personally accounts for all the operations performed with the game equipment, namely: buying, selling, refilling and withdrawing, as well as for his/her gaming activities on the Playground: creating, buying-selling, operations with all the game elements, attributes and objects used for the gaming process.

  • 3.4. The User acknowledges that the degree of involvement and the opportunity to participate in the game are the main properties of the services he/he receives.

Rights and obligations of the Parties

4.1 Rights and obligations of the User

  • 4.1.1. Only Users reached the legal capacity under the laws of the country of residence are allowed to participate in the Crypto Farmer Game. All the consequences for non-compliance with this condition are imposed on the User.

  • 4.1.2. The degree and manner of participation in the game are determined by the User, but they can’t contradict the provisions of the Agreement and rules of the Game.

  • 4.1.2. The User is obliged: not to use the Game to commit any action contrary to international law and the laws of the country residence of the User; not to use undocumented features (bugs) and errors in the software of the Game and immediately inform the Organizer about them, as well as about persons taking advantage of them; not to use external programs of any kind to obtain advantages in the game; not to use the Game to advertise affiliate links, as well as not to use the resource, information it contains, any types of messages to persons not agreed to receive them (spam); not to limit access of other Users to the Game. Users should correctly treat each other, the Organizer, the partners and the staff, not interfere with the work of the latter. not to cheat the Organizer and other Users; not to use abusive language and insults in any form not to denigrate the actions of other Users and the Administration; not to threaten with violence and bodily harm to anyone; not to spread materials promoting hatred towards any race, religion, culture, nation, people, language, politics, state, ideology or social movement; not to advertise pornography, drugs and resources containing such information; not to use actions, vocabulary or slang for veiled violation of the User’s obligations; to take care on his/her own of the necessary computer and other security measures, keep in secret and not to transfer to another User or person his/her registration data: login, password, account, etc., to prevent unauthorized access to the mailbox specified in the User’s account. The User is completely account for the risk of disclosure of such data, as the User agrees that the Game information security system excludes the possibility of transferring the login, password and other identification information to the third party; to bear liability for financial transactions. The Organizer isn’t responsible for financial transactions between Users involving the transfer of gaming equipment and game currency, as well as other game attributes. to notify the Organizer about claims and complaints in writing via the "Contact us" page. to familiarize him/herself regularly with the Game’s news, as well as changes in this Agreement and the rules of the game on the Playground.

      4.2.1. The Organizer is obliged to: provide free of charge access of the User to the Playground and game process. The User independently pays for the access to the Internet and other associated costs. to register the Game equipment on the User’s account to regularly update the hardware-software complex. The Organizer doesn’t guarantee that the software contains no errors, and the hardware is not going to come out of the operating parameters and will operate smoothly. To respect the confidentiality of the User’s personal data in the order stipulated in the clause 6 of this Agreement. To incur financial obligations to ensure the equivalent exchange rate of the Game equipment on the User’s account. The exchange rate of the Game equipment (HARVEST) is equal to: 1000 harvest = 1 $USD. The amount of payments to the User is limited by the amount of Harvests on his/her account. 100 000 harvest gives the right to withdraw 100 $USD from the system. Harvest is calculated for many actions performed by your referrals and yourself. The User can’t withdraw money from the system in the absence of harvests on his/her Account. We are not HYIP system or something in the kind. All the withdrawn money is considered partnership contribution for the active participation in the Game. If the User is inactive for over 120 days, every day the system writes off 500 Harvests from his/her account. Funds are divided between the referrals of the amended User (10% to the invitator and 5% for other levels), 70% of the money goes to the Game Fund.

      4.2.2. The Organizer has the right to: provide the User with additional paid services, the list of which, as well as the terms of conditions of use are determined in the Agreement, Playground rules and other notices issued by the Organizer. The Organizer has the right to change the amount, volume, costs, name, type and effect of the paid services at any time. suspend this Agreement and disable the User from participation in the Game for the time necessary to investigate the alleged violation of the Agreement’s provisions and Playground rules. to exclude the User from the Game if it’s established that he/she has violated the Agreement and the Playground rules in compliance with the clause 5.10 of the Agreement. partially or fully interrupt the provision of the services without warning the User to conduct the reconstruction, repair and maintenance works at the site. The Organizer is not responsible for the improper functioning of the Game’s software. The User shall use the software on an "as is" basis. If the Organizer finds out that there was a bug (error) in the game functioning, the results obtained during the improper functioning of the software may be canceled or adjusted at the discretion of the Organizer. The User agrees not to appeal to the Organizer about the quality, amount, order, and timing of gaming opportunities and services. Guarantees and responsibility

    Guarantees and responsibility

      5.1. The Organizer does not guarantee continuous and uninterrupted access to the Playground and its services in case of technical problems and/or unexpected circumstances, including: inadequate work or not functioning of Internet providers, information servers, banking and payment systems, as well as unlawful acts of third persons. The Organizer will do his best to avoid failures, but doesn’t account for temporary technical failures and interruptions in the Game operation unrelated to causes of such failures.

      5.2 The User fully agrees that the Organizer cannot be responsible for the damages of the User that have arisen in connection with the illegal actions of the third parties, aimed at violation of the electronic equipment and databases’ security, or resulting from the interruption or suspension of communication channels’ operation used for connection with the User, as well as unlawful actions of payment systems and third parties

      5.3. The Organizer bears no responsibility for damages resulted in using or non-using data about the Game by the Users, Game rules and the Game itself, or for losses and other damages arisen as the result of the User’s unqualified actions, ignorance of the Game rules and miscalculations.

      5.4. The User agrees that he/she uses the Playground of his/her own free will and realizes the related risks. The Organizer does not give the User any guarantee that he/she will benefit from taking part in the Game. The degree of participation in the game is determined by the User.

      5.5 The Organizer doesn’t bear liability for the actions of other Users.

      5.6 In case of disputes and disagreements on the Playground, the Organizer's decision is final, and Users should totally obey it. All disputes and controversies arising out of this Agreement or in connection with it are to be settled through negotiations. In the event of failure to reach an agreement through negotiations, disputes, controversies and claims arising from this Agreement shall be settled in accordance with the current legislation.

      5.7 The Organizer does not assume the tax burden for the User. The User shall include the possible income received in the tax declaration in compliance with the legislation of the country of residence.

      5.8 The Organizer may amend the Agreement, Playground rules and other documents unilaterally. In case of modification of documents, the latest versions are displayed on the Playground’s website. All modifications are effective upon the posting. The User has the right to terminate the Agreement within 3 (three) days if he/she disapproves of the modifications. In this case, the termination shall be made in accordance with clause 5.9 of the Agreement. The User is entitled to regularly visit the Game’s official website to familiarize himself with official documents and news.

      5.9 The participant has the right to terminate this Agreement unilaterally without saving the game account. At the same time, all expenses related to the participation in the game, the game equipment (Coins) on the User’s account aren’t compensated to the User.

      5.10 The Organizer has the right to terminate this Agreement unilaterally, as well as perform other actions restricting opportunities in the Game of a User or a group of Users involved in the breach of the Agreement’s provisions. In this case all game attributes, the game equipment (Coins) on the account of a User or a group of Users, as well as expenses aren’t returned or compensated.

      5.11 Both the Organizer and the User are responsible for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of their obligations under this Agreement.

      5.12 The Organizer and the User shall be exempt from responsibility in case of force majeure that includes inter alia a list of natural disasters, wars, fires, floods, explosions, terrorism, riots, civil unrest, resolutions of state or regulatory authorities, hacker attacks, absence, malfunctioning or interruptions in supply with power, Internet services, networks and other systems, networks and services. The party at whom such circumstances originated, shall within a reasonable time and in an affordable way to notify the other party of such circumstances.


      6.1 Confidentiality applies to information that may be obtained by the Organizer about the User during his stay at the Game’s website and that can be correlated with a specific user. The Organizers automatically receives and records the technical information from your browser: IP address, the page requested, etc The Organiser may record cookies on the User's computer and subsequently use them. The Organizer guarantees that data reported by the Users at registration in the Game will be used by the Organizer only within the Game.

      6.2 The Organizer has the right to transfer the personal data about the User to the third parties only in the following cases:

      6.2.1. The User wishes to disclose this information;

      6.2.2. Without this the User cannot use the desired product or service without providing this data, in particular data about names (nicknames), game equipment can be available to other Users.

      6.2.3. This is required by international law and/or authorities in compliance with the legal procedures;

      6.2.4. The User breaches this Agreement and Playground rules.

    Other provisions.

      7.1 Invalidity of a part or paragraph (subparagraph) of this Agreement shall not affect the validity of all the other parts and paragraphs (subparagraphs).

      7.2 The term of this Agreement is set for the entire duration of the Playground, i.e. for an indefinite term and doesn’t provide the date of the Agreement termination.

      7.3 By registering and being on the Playground, the User acknowledges that he/she has read, understood and fully accepts the terms of this Agreement, the rules of the game and other official documents.

      7.4. The organizer reserves the right to amend or supplement any of the terms of this Agreement at any time by posting all the modifcations on its website.