The contract, offer and rules

The world's first mining simulator with the withdrawal of cryptocurrency. Crypto Farmer is an economic online game using Blockchain technology. It will passionate those interested in earning money, wages and finance. CryptoFarmer allows each player to build a farm of his/her own online and earn cryptocurrency that can be easily withdrawn at any time.

Crypto Farmer game principles

How to build a virtual farm


Power plants produce electricity necessary for the farm.


Buy system units and install video cards on the field. The bigger the unit is the more energy it consumes.


Cooling units boost your farm’s performance. You can install several cooling units.


You have up to three warehouses at your disposal. Each section is filled every day. Avoid overfilling.


You can exchange created units for coins in the Crypto bank. Just drag units from the warehouse to the bank.


Buy new cards and build more power plants. Crypto Market is regularly updated.

Gaming tokens and symbols

Gaming tokens and symbols in Crypto Farmer


Token for saving and sharing


Gaming token


Results of the "virtual mining"


Bonus token

Affiliate program terms and conditions

5 levels affiliate program allows you to earn game currency inviting your friends. The affiliate program is completely transparent, you can see all your referrals in your account.

1 level 20% 15% 1000
2 level 10% 10% 500
3 level 3% 3% 300
4 level 2% 2% 100
5 level 1% 1% 50

What is a bonus and how to get it?

A bonus is paid once for an active referral who has replenished the game account for any sum over 5000 coins. The bonus is credited to the Harvest account.



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Crypto Farmer game allows everyone to earn cryptocurrency and withdraw it using any convenient method. You can earn money in the game in several ways. They are as follows: invest and buy virtual farms, participate in the affiliate program, use browser mining and take part in different contests.

The minimum withdrawal amount is equivalent to 100 $USD

The combination of different technologies and good calculation of your balance allow you to earn money on both gaming and real mining. We are not a service of "cloud mining" and we don’t build real farms. To our mind, this type of mining is no more actual and useless for the society. Money on the user accounts participate in Proof-of-Stake and thereby provide the bankroll. If you create an account in Crypto Farmer game, your computer participate in Prof-Of-Work mining in the background mode.

The implementation of the PoS Protocol in cryptocurrencies allowed holders of crypto-coins to earn interest on the amount that lies on their wallet. POS mining posteno to supplant the traditional form of mining. By accumulating funds on the balance sheet, we create a large share in the cryptocurrency, which is involved in the formation of new blocks. No need to spend a lot of electricity, no need to spend on additional equipment.

Implementing POS protocol in cryptocurrencies allowed owners of crypto coins to earn interest on the sum on their wallet. Traditional mining will gradually cede place to POS mining. Accumulating money, we create a big stack in cryptocurrency that participates in the formation of new units. Thus, you don’t need much electricity or any additional equipment.


Register and go to your account. After the registration, you will get 1000 coins for your first purchase.

The gaming world Crypto Farmer requires a modern computer. However, you can play using the text mode that doesn’t require any super powers.

The game does not need to be installed on your PC, it’s a browser game. We recommend you to use Google Chrome or Safari.

When you are in the game or on the website, you earn additional coins via browser mining. You do not need to permanently be in the game. Income from the browser mining depends on the power of your device, not on your virtual farm’s power, and is credited to your Harvest account.

The game uses Blockchain technology for storing transactions. Blockchain technology is gradually embedded in the business logic of the game, very soon all the transactions in the game will become transparent. The game’s business logic will gradually be transferred to smart contacts to ensure transparency of all the transactions. At the moment, Blockchain technology is partially used in the game and is on the stage of beta testing. In the recent updates, you will see the full information on it.